Lagoon Valley Walk

Sponsored by the Vaca Valley Volks, the Lagoon Valley walks started out at Diggers Deli
(good place to eat after the walk), then went on surface roads over I-80 and into Lagoon Valley Park. The walk followed Butcher Bike Trail along I-80, and was shared with many walkers, runners and bike riders before turning and passing by Jack Hume Grove. Jack Hume Grove is a stand of redwood trees located on the Butcher Bike Trail between the end of Butcher Road and Lagoon Valley Park. It is also the site of a native plant garden. The grove was first planted in September 1982 in honor of Basic Vegetables Company’s 50th anniversary. During the early years the grove was minimally maintained by the City's Park Maintenance Department. In October of 1990, Jack Hume gave his first donation to help enhance and maintain the grove at a higher level of service. Jack passed away shortly after that in 1991. His passing lead to further discussions by the Hume family with City Landscape Architect Bob Farrington and additional work was planned and a new design took shape for the grove. The walk then went uphill and down into Lagoon Valley Regional Park. The Lagoon had been emptied during the summer, but was now full again. Walking around the lagoon, we crossed the bridge over the dam at the end of the lagoon and went into Pena Abobe Park. The Mowers-Goheen Museum is in Pena Adobe Park. The museum is the oldest restored Spanish-era building in the area. Pena Adobe has been restored to what it looked like when the Pena family, one of Vacaville’s founding families, lived there. The Mowers-Goheen Museum houses artifacts of early settlers and Native Americans of the region. Pena Adobe was built in 1842 and restored in the 1960s. It underwent further repairs and earthquake retrofitting in 2006. After leaving the park, the walk went back up over the hill and back to Diggers Deli.

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