Point Pinole

The start point for the Point Pinole walk was in a picnic area named "Palms", under towering eucalyptus trees. Rows of eucalyptus trees were planted by the Altas/Giant Powder Company when they had manufacturing plants here to produce gunpowder and dynamite.
The trees were placed around manufacturing buildings to reduce the effects of explosions on the surrounding areas. The walk passes through many of these groves. Most of the buildings and other structures have long been demolished, but some remains can still be seen. On a side trail, the earthen embankments of a dynamite blast and burning bunker visible and open for investigation. Continuing on up the Bay View Trail, beautiful open views across San Pablo Bay present themselves. Walking on to the north brings you to the high cliff area, with warnings not to venture too close! The almost quarter mile fishing pier is an amazing sight, and no fishing license is needed to fish there. Along the side of the new pier, you can still see remains of the old Altas Powder pier which used to have a single railroad track on it for loading explosives on barges which then carried it to freigters in the explosives anchorage. Arriving back in the picnic area, a hot dog picnic, with Tom's famous spatzle, finished off a wonderful walk!

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