Ryer Island

Sponsored by the Vaca volks, the Ryer Island walk started out at Hogs Back Park on Grand Island, crossed
Steamboat Slough and continued on Ryer Island. The start point was at Hogs Back Park. Hog's Back, as it was called in the old days, was a nefarious sandbar that in its time snagged many a steamboat. The early steamboats used to try to plan their schedules so they would pass Hog's Back at high tide. On one side of the levee you see Steamboat Slough, on the other side the farms and ranches of Grand Island spread out for miles. The slough claimed at least one boat that is still sitting on the bank. The walk continued on the other side via J-Mack, a cable-drawn ferry, part of Highway 220, that moves people and cars across Steamboat Slough. On Ryer Island, the walk continues on the levee on that side and passes by miles of vineyards. Beaver Island is a small body of land separated from Ryer Island by a small stretch of water and accessed via a bridge. Walkers dressed for rain, but the rain held off until almost everyone was in on Saturday.

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