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The following links may be of interest to walkers. A listing here is not an endorsement or promotion by the Vaca Valley Volks but is a service to those who are interested.

Information Sites

American Volkssport Association (AVA)- The national volkssport organization. Information about clubs, and events throughout the USA plus much, much more.

California Volkssport Association - Information about clubs, scheduled events and YREs in all of California.

Canadian Volkssport Federation - Information about clubs and walks in Canada.

Four Plus Foolhardy Folks - Are you ready for some EXTREME walking? Then check out the Extreme Walker Program planned and walked by these foolhardy folk!

Vancouver USA Interbnational Discovery Walk

Wendy's Walking Site at About.com - Weekly articles, guest columnists, full link list for everything a walkers wants to know.


New Balance - Shoes and fitness info

Resole America - renew your shoes without leaving home

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